About the Nominating Committee
Description: The Nominating Committee will identify, pursue and encourage potential candidates to submit their names for election ballot. The committee will consider all names submitted / received for nominations of positions and shall prepare a slate of candidates for the offices and directorships to be elected based on objective qualification/criteria for each position.
Meetings: The Nominating Ctte will convene at the direction of the committee chair regularly prior to and during the election period, and as needed after.
Reports To: Committee will report their recommendations to the IPhA Board of Directors on prior to, during, and immediately following election period.
  1. Identify and encourage pharmacists with interest and skill set to serve on the IPhA Board of Directors
  2. Mentor potential pharmacist candidates
  3. Review and update the candidate questionnaire and profile form annually
  4. Interview and select optimal candidates to the available positions
  5. Develop and confirm the slate of candidates no later than May 1 of each calendar year
  6. Work with IPhA communication staff to prepare ballot