About the Membership Committee
Description: The Membership Committee recommends and cooperates in the development and implementation of programs intended to increase and retain membership. The purpose is to focus on strategies to grow and retain membership as well as perform environmental scans of the membership career activities and opportunities.
Meetings: The Membership Ctte will convene at the direction of the committee chair at least quarterly or as needed from time to time.
Reports To: Committee will report their recommendations to the IPhA Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.
  1. Overseeing that the associations attrition rate does not exceed the influx of new members
  2. The development of new programs to spur new membership
  3. Identification of programs to meet the needs of current and potential members to the association
  4. Works directly with the staff personnel responsible for membership activities
  5. Creation of liaisons with the state's schools of pharmacy's APhA-IPhA chapter
  6. Identify the strengths and weakness of each segment of the Association as it pertains to the value of membership
  7. Develop a value proposition for each sub-chapter of the Association