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 Subject : Sildenafil Generics.. 01/03/2018 09:41:51 PM 
Harry M Zollars
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Location: Bethalto, IL
As Laura posted in her Generic Pipeline thread, the generic to Viagra was released in December and has hopefully hit most of our shelves by now. Although I haven't seen many prescriptions come for it just yet, I was wondering what your thoughts were regarding what many pharmacies did beforehand - using generic Revatio 20mg Tk 2-5 tabs po PRN. With the new generic out (and more brands incoming), does that still have a place? Bottom line to me is the price, but if there's something I missed I wouldn't mind learning about it. Thanks! Don't hesitate to let me know on the forum.
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 Subject : Re:Sildenafil Generics.. 01/03/2018 09:57:12 PM 
J Cody Sandusky
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I’ve seen one Rx for generic Viagra, and it was outrageously priced compared to generic Revatio. Needless to say, we did not fill the generic Viagra and got a new Rx.
 Subject : Re:Sildenafil Generics.. 01/16/2018 06:50:09 PM 
Kristen A (Komaiko) Niedbalski
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I usually ask the provider to write for two Sildenafil 20mg to be given for the dose for the patient. Most of the time the 100mg tabs are split in to at least 2 pieces, so thats around 50mg. Close enough and much more affordable. Thing is that you should warn the provider that this dose has only been studied for primary pulmonary hypertension. That way they can make sure to code it correctly and the insurance doesn't freak out thinking the patient is gravely ill.
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