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 Subject : Pharmacist-Dispensed Naloxone.. 06/07/2017 06:29:37 PM 
Justine A Bogue
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I completed training for pharmacist-dispensed naloxone and have questions regarding third party billing and order entry. Does anyone have experience with this? Who are you entering as the prescriber?
 Subject : Re:Pharmacist-Dispensed Naloxone.. 06/08/2017 01:52:37 AM 
Garth K Reynolds
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Currently, IPhA is working with a Interprofessional Association Working Group which also includes the Departments of Financial and Professional Regulation, Human Services, and Public Health to make changes to the state Standardized Procedure (especially the issue with the prescriber and payor issues). We just had our most recent meeting this past Monday. I am available to further discuss. Please contact the office at 217/522-7300, my email [email protected], or my cell phone 217-415-7204. Thanks, Garth
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 Subject : Re:Pharmacist-Dispensed Naloxone.. 06/16/2017 02:39:04 AM 
Harry M Zollars
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At least at the moment, the most... protected way would be to set up your own standing order with a doctor who is willing, just like with immunizations. I'm currently dealing with this with my practice, so with the grey we're dealing with the law, a standing order is best.
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