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 Subject : APhA Engage- New Practitioner Network.. 07/07/2016 10:23:21 AM 
Emily Wetherholt
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Hi New Practitioners

I wanted to let those of you that were also APhA members know about NPN commuication SIG (and if you are not and want to become one you can use this link for a discount and you can extend your ipha membership).

Below is the link for all of the Engage Communities (there are other topics like immunization, diabetes and MTM to name a few).

The new practitioner SIG even started a thread with tips and tricks for using Engage yesterday. Check it out.
Emily Wetherholt PharmD, BCACP
 Subject : Re:APhA Engage- New Practitioner Network.. 01/23/2017 02:22:10 AM 
Laura E Licari
Posts: 37
Hi Emily,

I just joined the NPN SIG, and noticed there are 8,300 members! There is a good thread on letters of recommendation, and NPN programming at 2017 APhA annual conference.
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