About the Finance Committee
Description: The Finance Committee shall be responsible for the presentation of an annual budget, as defined in the Bylaws Article XII. The Finance Committee shall submit a proposed budget annually to the Board of Directors for approval.
Meetings: The Finance Ctte will convene at the direction of the committee chair at least quarterly or as needed from time to time.
Reports To: Committee will report their recommendations to the IPhA Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.
  1. Review and revise the Association\'s annual budget as presented by the Executive Director
  2. Review the monthly compliance to that budget by the Association
  3. Make quarterly reports at the Association\'s Board of Directors meetings
  4. Association\'s Executive Director will perform yearly financial reviews and audits every third year by our Auditors
  5. Monitor Association compliance with all pertinent IRS requirements
  6. Review the financial viability of new projects put forth to the Association
  7. Review revenue and expenses of annual conference
  8. Review budget requests from the Executive Director for replacement of equipment and upkeep of physical plant
  9. Yearly reviews of investment policies
  10. Review budgets prepared and submitted by the IPPAC, IPhA Foundation, and any future IPhA business entities