About the Clinical Advisory Committee
Description: Committee Duties: Provide expert timely advice to the office of the IPhA Clinical Programs Coordinator (CPC).
Meetings: The Clinical Advisory Ctte will convene at the direction of the CPC at least quarterly and as needed from time to time.
Reports To: CPC will report the recommendations of the IPhA CAC to the IPhA Board of Directors on a timely basis.
  1. Select the recipient of the Outstanding Pharmacist-Coach of the year annually
  2. Select the faculty participants for the IPhA-APhA certificate programs
  3. Evaluates proposed educational programming for pharmacist coaches and pharmacist to become a coach for the Illinois Pharmacists Network
  4. Assist with developing the certificate program educational calendar
  5. Develop plan for future educational needs for pharmacist-coaches
  6. Work toward the process of the American Diabetes Association Recognition program and/or the AADE recognition program for the Diabetes Patient Self Management Program
  7. Establish continuing education criteria for current pharmacist-coaches to remain active in the Illinois Pharmacist Network
  8. Expand on line learning opportunities for advanced continued education for pharmacist-coaches