About the Public Relations Committee
Description: The focus of the Public Relations committee is on the continual quality assessment and maintenance of the association‘s "Media Advisors" panel; a group which can be easily accessed by staff when a profession related question will need to answered quickly.
Meetings: The Public Relations Ctte will convene at the direction of the committee chair at least quarterly or as needed from time to time.
Reports To: Committee will report their recommendations to the IPhA Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.
  1. Develop, maintain, and regularly perform CQI on the IPhA "Media Advisors" panel
  2. Develop "News Releases" which can be used to promote association and professional activities
  3. Maintain a contact list of media contacts throughout the state:
    • Radio/TV major contacts
    • Prints source, newspapers, magazines, etc.
    • Direct contacts at any media sources
    • Person to Person contact at any media source
    • Listing of editorial contacts at any media source
  4. Develop and maintain the IPhA news-magazine section, dealing with highlighting the issue's practice of interest