About the Professional Affairs Committee
Description: The Professional Affairs Committee shall be responsible for professional and scientific matters, including development and research of the professional practice of pharmacy, development of standards and guidelines, and other related issues promoting the practice of pharmacy.
Meetings: The Professional Affairs Ctte will convene at the direction of the committee chair at least quarterly or as needed from time to time.
Reports To: Committee will report their recommendations to the IPhA Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.
  1. The content of the programs
  2. The progress of their activities
  3. The financial viability of the programs
  4. To review and recommend programs to assist the association members to progress in their acceptance of MTM type program
  5. To assist association members in gaining the skills necessary to participate in MTM type activities
  6. Act as a liaison between the associations' Executive Director and the Clinical Advisor, making sure that business and clinical functions are clearly being differentiated