Officer Slate - 2021 Election Cycle

President-elect: Carrie Wiggins

Vice-president: Miranda Wilhelm

Treasurer: David Mikus

Region 2 Director: Emily Wetherholt

Region 4 Director: Joseph "Jay" Bogdan

Region 6 Director: Sam An

Region 8 Director: Goldie Peters

Chain Practitioner Section Chair: Heather Fitzgerald

Compounding Practitioner Section Chair: Doug Higgins

Independent Practitioner Section Chair: Rupesh Manek

Long-Term Care Practitioner Section Chair: Emily Powers

In accordance with Article VI, Section 3 of the IPhA Bylaws:

"...No less than 14 days from the date of such publication shall be provided during which fifty or more active members in good standing may nominate by petition other candidates for offices.  Ten or more active members in good standing in any region may, during this same 14 day period, nominate other candidates for Regional Director in that region.  Such nominations shall be made in writing, signed by the nominators and shall be filed with the Executive Director."  

Slate Posting: September 1, 2021