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 Subject : Importance of Giving Back.. 07/17/2017 05:49:52 PM 
Veeral Vyas
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Hi IPhA,

I've had some really unique experiences and don't claim to be an
expert or a financial advisor, but just wanted to share some
experience and shed some light on this important subject as well as
some ways on how to give back.

As a new practitioner and even a seasoned practitioner it's easy to
say that our lives can be very busy as we are trying to juggle the

As we were coming up in our careers, everyone had someone who inspired
them or gave them hope. Whether it was in the form of in person,
online, a speech or a one on one conversation.
All of those little little additions into our buckets allowed us to
become the practitioners and people we are today. In my opinion, if we
know someone gave us a helping hand, it's our responsibility and right
to pay it forward.

Some concerns that come up when I talk to seasoned and new
practitioners about giving back are: time, expertise, and how to give
back. As we continue our discussion I'll cover those topics in a bit
more detail. Giving back doesn't have to be solely in terms of time or
money, it can be a mix of both.

Speaking from my experience, if you want to focus on giving in
monetary terms. Set a goal. Whether it's $1 or $5 or $50 or even 10%
from each paycheck. As long as you get into a habit and consistently
set aside some money whenever there's an opportunity to give back you
have funds set aside. From giving back in terms of scholarships to
students or giving back as an alumni of the institution that allowed
you to earn your degree.

Moving on to giving back in terms of time, which is just as valuable
if not more important in some instances. As long as you plan your
calendar in advance, most universities will reach out in advance for
events. Whether its roundtable discussions, lectures, workshop
facilitation or even summer programs, all are equally important.
Through these events, students have the opportunity to speak to us, as
new practitioners, one on one. These events allow current and
prospective students to get answers to their burning questions or even
hear the testimonies of pharmacists.

Many events allow pharmacists to share their roles in their current
practice site, eliminating the worry of needing a special expertise.
You can speak about what you do on a day to day basis, how you got
there and what you like about that particular role!

Whether you reach out to an alumni coordinator, a alumni friend, or
even a current professor at your college of pharmacy. All of these are
viable ways to get involved in giving back to current and prospective

Hope this inspired someone to reach out and give back! Would love to see tips and tricks that have worked well for you that might help future readers. Comment down below!


Veeral Vyas, PharmD
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 Subject : Re:Importance of Giving Back.. 08/01/2017 01:11:55 PM 
Kristen A (Komaiko) Niedbalski
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Excellent Veeral! I find giving back to my profession very rewarding. After graduation, you want to have a bit of fun and enjoy the non-student lifestyle. After a while, you crave your peers (whom you rarely get to interact with anymore). I started attending local meetings of the North Suburban Pharmacists of Chicagoland (NSP) and found that camaraderie. That led to participating more in IPhA and APhA and now i've fully drunk the Koolaid!!!
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