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 Subject : Four Reasons to Attend this Year's Pharmacy Legislative Day.. 02/22/2017 04:43:51 PM 
Brittany Hoffmann-Eubanks
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Have you made plans to attend the 2017 Under the Dome Pharmacy Legislative Day on Wed, March 15th this year? If you have not, then please allow me the opportunity to share four reasons why you should:

1. Represent your profession – pharmacy is the most regulated healthcare profession and, as a result, there will always be other individuals, groups, and organizations who want to speak for you. There is no one more qualified to advocate for our profession than you! Help our legislators become more knowledgeable about the role of pharmacy in augmenting healthcare. Pharmacy Legislative Day gives you the opportunity to speak directly with legislators and staff regarding critical pharmacy issues. Look up your legislators ahead of time and utilize IPhAs talking points and your experience to confidently express your support or opposition to proposed legislation.
a. Find your legislator here:

2. Learn about key pharmacy issues impacting our State –
a. HB274: amends the Pharmacy Practice Act. Provides that "practice of pharmacy" includes the prescribing and dispensing of hormonal contraceptive patches and self-administered oral hormonal contraceptives. Pharmacist Prescribing Authority
b. HB2392: amends the Pharmacy Practice Act. Requires that at least one registered pharmacy technician be on duty whenever the practice of pharmacy is conducted. Requires that pharmacies fill no more than 10 prescriptions per hour. Requires 10 pharmacy technician hours per 100 prescriptions filled. Provides that a pharmacist shall receive specified break periods. Requires pharmacies to maintain a record of any errors in the receiving, filling, or dispensing of prescriptions. Pharmacy Workload Requirements
c. HB3833: adds pharmacy or pharmacist-provided services to the types of health services under the Acts and to add pharmacists as health care providers or health care professionals under the Acts. State Level Provider Status
d. HB3285/SB1844: provides that all entities providing prescription drug coverage shall permit and apply a prorated daily cost-sharing rate to prescriptions. Establishes criteria for an entity conducting audits (either on-site or remotely) of pharmacy records. Provides that the Department of Insurance and Director of Insurance shall have the authority to enforce the provisions of the Act. PBM Reform - Med Sync, Audits, Enforcement
e. Pharmacy Practice Act is in renewal in 2017. This is an opportunity for us to advance the pharmacy profession and enhance patient care. IPhA, ICHP, IRMA, the Board of Pharmacy, and other stakeholder will propose changes to advance the profession and prepare to take us to 2028.

3. Network with colleagues – Pharmacy Legislative Day gives you a unique opportunity to network with colleagues from all across the state of Illinois. As new practitioners, it can be intimidating to speak with legislators and staff and the format of this event makes the process easier. You can observe fellow colleagues’ approach and, if comfortable, try with your own legislator on a topic that is important to you! If you are more outgoing and feel comfortable jumping in on the issues you can assist fellow practitioners who may want some additional guidance.

4. Set an example for student pharmacists – Pharmacy Legislative Day is attended by many student pharmacists from all of our colleges of pharmacy. Student pharmacists are our future leaders and, therefore, we must lead by example! Let’s show our students that being involved in your profession can really impact pharmacy practice and our patients lives when we stand as a collective voice.

So, what are you waiting for? Join your fellow pharmacists and student pharmacists Under the Dome and make your voice heard!!

Register here today:
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