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 Subject : Have you completed your CPE?.. 02/22/2018 12:23:40 AM 
Harry M Zollars
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Hi everyone! I attended a MEPA (Metro East Pharmacists Association) meeting last night and there was a question brought up about when CEs are due and whether or not CEs posted to NABP's CPE Monitor before that day count even if you completed it. The question was about a CE presented at our meeting, but this could theoretically count for all CE from now until the expiration that may take 2-6 weeks to get posted to CPE Monitor.

With Garth's help, I found in the IL Pharmacy Practice Act (225 ILCS 85/12):

"As a condition for the renewal of a license as a pharmacist, the licensee shall provide evidence to the Department of completion of a total of 30 hours of pharmacy continuing education during the 24 months preceding the expiration date of the certificate." Since pharmacist licenses expire on 3/31, all CE completed prior to that date will count for that renewal cycle.

As far as whether you'll receive credit for CE you complete prior to March 31st even if it's not posted on CPE monitor until after that day, the IL PPA continues with:

"This verification [of completion of CE] may be accomplished through audits of records maintained by licensees, by requiring the filing of continuing education certificates with the Department or a qualified organization selected by the Department to maintain such records or by other means established by the Department." So if you're signed up for CPE Monitor, that will count even if it gets posted after the fact, because audits will only happen much later than CE being posted to the NABP's monitoring site. Garth also confirmed this with me earlier.

But in your experience, have you had issues with CE that you've completed around this time (the last month before license expiration)? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!
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