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 Subject : Mentor? Mentee? Mentorship?.. 11/20/2017 12:16:38 PM 
Veeral Vyas
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Nowadays many people loosely throw around the words mentor, mentee, and mentorship. Whether you see a post on social media or hear a speaker, more and more people are referring to these terms. Reflecting back, I’ve been blessed to have incredible mentors in all aspects of life.

So many people claim to be a mentor or say they’re a good mentee but in reality they might just be playing themselves.

There are some key commonalities that have helped me find mentors that are beneficial in my life.

In my opinion, a mentor should be someone who’s in life or is connected to people who are in life where you want to be. This could be in the form of relationships, finance, career, wealth, health, or any area of your life that you may be looking to improve.

In most cases the mentor does not want what the mentee has it’s the other way around. As a mentee, we are generally seeking something that the mentor has achieved or is closer to achieving than us.

Therefore, as a mentee we need to associate at the places the mentor associates. Whether it’s an annual pharmacy conference or a regional conference in whatever industry you may be seeking. A great way to show you’re willing to take the mentors advice is to associate at the events they attend.

I was talking to a leader in the pharmacy industry and a new grad came up and asked if the leader could mentor the new grad, as well as give some advice on how to proceed to have a successful career. The leader gave the new grad advice. As a part of that advice it was recommended to associate and come around networking events that the pharmacy leader would attend. The new grad refused to associate where the leader associated, refused to network but then in a few months again asked same questions to the mentor.

This is like saying in school the teacher says come to class/lab as a part of setting the student up for success to pass, and the student decides they don’t feel like going to class or class is uncomfortable.

Many mentors you come across tend to pay it forward and don’t necessarily ask you to shell out tons of money in the form of compensation, but they’re willing to take time out of their family and their career to help you succeed.

The mentor-mentee relationship is a sacred one. Not only will mentors help cover your blind spot, but they can also guide you to growth personally as well as professionally.
The more successful someone is chances are they are more willing to give back and help, but you have to make sure their investment is one worth making.

Hope this inspired someone to change the relationship between his or her mentor/mentee! Would love to hear about some great mentors that have helped shape who you are today. Comment down below!


Veeral Vyas, PharmD
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